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Track Pro

(Software - Tracking and Telemetric Solutions)

...If you can control it, you can improve it!

Thanks to our solution having the complete control of all your vehicles has never been so easy!





  • Check the position of all your vehicles at any time
  • Control the routes made by your drivers and optimize them
  • Actual speed, fuel consumption, work time – get access to this and more informations to avoid speeding fines, and have complete control of the refueling of all the vehicles
  • Control if your cars enter or leave predefined “geozones” by receiving sms or email when it happens
  • Keep a system of alarms and warnings to solve problems in the fastest way possible
  • Generate reports and monitor the history of your fleet
  • Increase the security of your fleet knowing all the time the position of the vehicles, even in case they get stolen
  • Keep under control temperatures for the transport of refrigerated goods


How does Track Pro work:

  • Once the device is installed in the car, and setted up following the  customer’s need, all information regarding speed, fuel consumption, work time, position etc etc.. will be regularly processed and transmitted to the server;
  • these information are available 24/7 for the Customer who just has to connect to the website and log in with his username and password;
  • here the customer sees on the display the full status of his fleet, and thanks to optimize all the activities and routes of his drivers;
  • all this information will be stored in the server. The detailed history so to be able to generate detailed reports;


Here are some few examples that you could find useful to fully understand the advantages linked to this solution.



Transport Companies

A transport activity doesn't only take care of goods delivering, it must also be as quick as possible, and work under conditions of maximum security. Behind the delivery of goods there is an entire system that has to be well coordinated at any time, and doing this without a control system is an hard task.

Here follows a few points that will describe why using TrackPro could help:

  1. Route control: having the chance to control real time the routes and the position of every driver guarantees many advantages. The optimization of the driven paths, making the most of all the company’s resources (ex. No more empty truck trips) and having the complete control about the fleet movement (crossing or leaving forbidden zones or doing not authorized paths).
  2. Fuel Control: most of the costs linked to transport are due to excessive fuel consumption. Thanks to the sensors connected directly to each of your vehicles it will be possible fully understand how much this factor effects your company economy: knowing which of your drivers drive too fast, checking if there are some problems at the fuel tank and knowing if all of the fuel you pay for is actually putted in the vehicle and not stolen instead. In addition, reports can be generated, to have an even deeper image of the global fuel consumption.
  3. Shipping abroad: when going abroad the chances for your drivers of taking the wrong path, or getting lost always increase. Once again knowing all information about your vehicles will be the best way to control your business. In addition our device is capable to use different profiles according to mobile operator which is in use, reducing the cost of communication if the roaming conditions are not good enough.
  4. Loading conditions: the shipment of perishable goods requires more attention because they have to be kept at constant temperature. Thanks to the TrackPro device it is possible to monitor the critical points of your cargo, receiving alarms is the security threshold are broken and guaranteeing to you, and your customer, the correct delivery.
  5. Direct communication with the driver: the driver of a vehicle it is installed on our device can talk to the control center at any time you want, and receive calls when necessary, through a simple microphone.


Security Companies

Security companies must prove to be reliable, punctual and timely when an emergency call is received. The speed of reaction is a basic requirement for this job. TrackPro gives you all the functions you may need to succeed in this task.


To get all these guarantees, we suggest some key points to keep in consideration:

  1. Vehicle Tracking: Check the status and the locations of all your vehicles through our tracking service. This provides logistical guarantees both for the control of your employees and in case of disputes with your customers. If there are complaint regarding delays or lack of support, you will always have a history of all the movements of your fleet, to prove if your employees did the right thing or not.
  2. Coordination: In case of emergency, knowing the exact location of all your vehicles will allow you to minimize the times of response, ensuring the maximum efficiency everytime.
  3. Improved Security: It is possible to implement different security mechanisms for your personnel. From the SOS switch, button that once pushed activates the alarms for the control console, to temporized mechanisms capable to send warning signals if the driver remain too far from the vehicle for too long time. The versatility of TrackPro makes it a very powerful device, capable to offer tailormade solutions for every need.
  4. History: keep an archive of all the routes your cars made. At every time it will be possible to check if mistakes have been made following the intervention procedures.


Taxi Companies

Taxis - a service for wich more than any other rule applies: time is money.

The service requests can come from different points of the city, and the taxis can be in different positions everytime. Consider how much it will be possible to improve this through a monitoring system.

  1. Accelerate the process of ordering and reduction of the deposit of the car
  2. Better coordination of movements of the fleet of the city
  3. More efficient use of vehicles
  4. Timely communication with the driver in case of violations
  5. Research the best route to your destination
  6. Increased likelihood of finding stolen vehicles
  7. Support for the driver in case of theft, accident, or extraordinary situations.

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